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Level 2 Certified Training for SAIMOS® Planning & Design

This certified training is a 2-days workshop designed to increase the participants knowledge about How to Plan & Design projects based on SAIMOS® Video Analytics considering a Siemens Siveillance™ Video VMS environment.

The workshop is mainly focusing on hands-on exercises with a step-by-step instruction and is led by a professional trainer. It assists the trainees in the design and planning of a several SAIMOS® Video Analytics functionalities guided by step-by-step instructions. Participants will receive the training manual, to help them remembering how to plan and design a video analytics system environment.

The course is based on a realistic use-case covering several SAIMOS® Video Analytics functionalities to plan and design a project based on SAIMOS® Video Analytics, also utilising certain tools like our hardware performance calculator.
Trainees will gain knowledge about what to consider in order to deliver successful project planning in order to avoid potential expensive mistakes. Further, they will also have to create their personal notes about the topics discussed on the course in order to pass the final examination.

Target audience

This course is intended for persons planning and designing installations of SAIMOS VA systems. Technicians do also benefit from this course, to give them a better understanding of the whole process of designing, planning and installation.

Content areas covered in this training

  • Determine video analytic objectives
    • Where to place cameras for best video analytic results
    • Consideration of camera settings for optimal usage of servers and network
  • How does it work, best practice in positioning, cameras, and settings for:
    • Perimeter
    • Face Analytics
    • 2D People counting
    • 3D People counting
    • Occupancy
    • LiDAR
    • LPR
  • Certification Test


Participants should bring a laptop and have fundamental knowledge and skills with network, storage, IP cameras and Siemens Siveillance™ Video VMS. To succeed in this training, it is recommended to complete the following courses:

  • Level 1 Certified Training for SAIMOS® Video Analytics
  • Siemens Siveillance™ Video Base (EN) / CCTV-71 (DE) training

Duration & Location

2 Days in person, on-site preferred (remote is available on request)


Trainees obtain a certificate on successfully passing the final examination (demo project). Partners, having 2 certified Planning & Design technicians will obtain the level SAIMOS® Certified Design & Planning Partner.

Training Setup

We’ll provide the complete training environment on our server providing for each trainee a virtual machine. Trainees only need to connect to that environment with their laptop or similar. A maximum of 8 trainees can be accommodated within one training session.


The price is varying in dependence on the number of participants. Trainings are preferably executed on-site but can be also organised remotely.

This training course is covered with 2 days of training. One training day does cover a maximum of 7h training per day.

Terms and conditions:

  • Travel and accommodation costs will be invoiced in addition
  • Training venue shall be provided by customer
  • In case trainees do not attend a booked training, the seat will still be subject to invoicing
  • The dates for training will be fixed after the order has been received


In order to get your individual proposal for a SAIMOS® Training, please contact us at contact@saimos.eu

ONG-IT GmbH’s general terms and conditions do apply (www.saimos.eu/terms).

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