Integration of SAIMOS® Video Analytics into TERRA 4D

Integration of SAIMOS® Video Analytics into TERRA 4D

FAST Systems, a pioneer in the field of digital security and surveillance technologies continuously revolutionizing the way organizations and governments protect people, property and assets, and SAIMOS® (Situational Awareness, Infrastructure Management & Operation’s Security), an Austrian software development company that offers AI-based video analytics and GIS solutions, started to deploy integrated safety and security solutions within the TERRA 4D alarm management platform.


FAST Systems’ TERRA 4D vendor-agnostic integration, management and visualization platform offers a highly scalable and customizable software solution. Thus, the platform efficiently unifies different technologies and systems into one standardized and intuitive GUI.

SAIMOS® Video Analytics

SAIMOS® Video Analytics is a flexible and scalable solution based on Machine Learning for professional users in various industries.  Further, SAIMOS® VA algorithms are based on artificial intelligence and are mainly used in professional environments.

CTO’s Statements

“With the support of SAIMOS® Video Analytics in TERRA 4D, we are offering another field-proven VA engine to quickly detect and identify authorized and unauthorized individuals. Including TERRA 4D’s workflow engine, process automation and operator guided incident management we can create specific solutions addressing the needs of demanding clients in different vertical markets,” said Carsten Tschritter, Managing Director and CTO at FAST Systems.

“Our flexible Video Analytics is a powerful CPU optimised AI engine with loads of integration possibilities. By that, it was possible to achieve a very fast integration of our Video Analytics into TERRA 4D. We are supporting customers with a very user-friendly configuration interface. With only a few parameters SAIMOS® VA is configured as per the needs of a specific vertical market. We see a win-win situation for all stakeholders – customers, TERRA 4D and SAIMOS® – due to the powerful combination of the products,” Jürgen Konetschnig, CTO at SAIMOS®, appreciated the cooperation.

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