Milestone integration with SAIMOS Video Analytics

At the Werhan-TPS 4. Austrian Security Day we had the chance for a joint presentation with Milestone Systems.

We’re proud to present our full integration of the SAIMOS Video Analytics into Milestone XProtect. The Austrian security community was very much interested to see that integration.

Jürgen Konetschnig provided an inside view to the community how the integration was done.

Further, he outlined the outstanding advantages of the SAIMOS Video Analytics Core edition. It’s just so easy to configure. Consequently, there is also a highly attractive pricing model.

Currently, for the following analytics are available through your Milestone sales channel:

  • Perimeter Protection
  • Counting
  • Heat Mapping

Most importantly, all other SAIMOS Video Analytics functionalities are available within our plug-in as well!

As a result, the integration is that deep, that users don’t need to change the user interface. Everything is configured directly within the Milestone Management Client. As soon as a channel is created, the necessary configurations for the SAIMOS Video Analytics are done automatically. The user just needs to configure the video analytics as per the given scene!

Simple and straight forward – and that’s not all!

The integration was done with the Milestone XProtect Client as well. Likewise, we implemented a bi-directional communication for alarms and other events.

The feedback from the Austrian Security Community was overwhelming. However, with our integration, we closed the missing link within the Milestone platform.

We want to thank Werhan-TPS, Milestone Systems and all participants for making the event such a success.

Please contact us at to receive more information.

Alternatively, just contact the Milestone team, distributors or resellers!


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