About this webinar

Experience the new SAIMOS VA 2021 R1 Release with many new features, improved AI and most importantly a refurbished XProtect Plugin Environment introducing Centralized Search plugins as well as Metadata Search integration for SAIMOS Edge Apps.

Key Learnings

SAIMOS Centralized Search integration

  • Face
  • LPR
  • Metadata search with SAIMOS Edge

Unified SAIMOS installer & Performance improve

  • OpenVINO framework updates
  • Enhanced performance for Face
  • Improved Vivotek Stereo integration
  • SAIMOS Command Prompt for advanced system usage and faster configuration

Refurbished Milestone Plugin

Axis P8815-2 stereo camera support integrated with Milestone

SAIMOS Control Center improvements

  • Bosch IVA
  • Magos Radar integration
  • MQTT Sensor integration
  • Arm-/Disarm Alarm zones visually from the map UI

VOD – Vehicle Occupancy Detector

  • Reference Project – introduction Germany’s largest operator of chemistry parks
  • Vehicle occupancy check through tainted windows
  • Combined with Milestone Interconnect

AWS Integration


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