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Level 1 Certified Training for SAIMOS® Video Analytics

This certified training is a 2-days workshop designed to increase the participant’s knowledge of the SAIMOS Video Analytics platform. It covers software installation and configuration of SAIMOS® VA as well as the integration within a Milestone XProtect® environment.

The workshop is featuring mainly built on hands-on exercises with a step-by-step instruction and is led by a professional trainer. It assists the trainees in the setup and configuration of a live system guided by step-by-step instructions. Participants will receive the training manual, to help them remembering how to setup and configure the next system.

At the end of the workshop, trainees will build a project in order to practice and demonstrate their skills. Based on a successful built sample project, trainees will earn a SAIMOS® Level 1 certificate.

Target audience

Field technicians who are responsible to install, configure and maintaining a SAIMOS Video Analytics system with or without a Milestone XProtect® VMS.

Content areas covered in this training

  • Configure the Network and Server
  • Install the SAIMOS Node and Server
  • Connect the SAIMOS Node and Server to the Milestone Systems VMS
  • Core vs Standard channels
  • People Counting
  • Perimeter Protection
  • Scrambling of video
  • Face Recognition
  • License Plate Recognition (LPR)
  • Left-/removed objects
  • Certification Test


Participants should bring a laptop and have fundamental knowledge and skills with network, storage, IP cameras and Milestone XProtect®. To succeed in this training, it is recommended to complete the Milestone Systems Technical Configuration Level 1 training.

Duration & Location

2 Days in person, on-site preferred (remote is available on request)


Trainees obtain a certificate on successfully passing the final examination (demo project).

Partners, having 2 certified level 1 technicians will obtain the level SAIMOS® Certified Partner.

Training Setup

We’ll provide the complete training environment on our server (brought on-site) providing for each trainee a virtual machine. Trainees only need to connect to that environment with their laptop or similar. A maximum of 8 trainees can be accommodated within one training session.


The price is varying in dependence on the number of participants. Trainings are preferably executed on-site but can be also organised remotely. This training course is covered with 2 days of training. One training day does cover a maximum of 7h training per day.

Terms and conditions:

  • Travel and accommodation costs will be invoiced in addition
  • Training venue shall be provided by customer
  • In case trainees do not attend a booked training, the seat will still be subject to invoicing
  • The dates for training will be fixed after the order has been received


In order to get your individual proposal for a SAIMOS® Training, please contact us at contact@saimos.eu

ONG-IT GmbH’s general terms and conditions do apply (www.saimos.eu/terms).

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