SAIMOS Guard Torch and Video Analytics

See our SAIMOS App on a Guard Torch and Video Analytics streaming from the integrated camera!

First of all, register yourself for free and visit us at the Milestone Community Workshop Cairo held on 17.07.2019:

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Be the first to see the live streaming from our Guard Torch’s Camera into Milestone XProtect!

In the workshop, you’ll see the live video stream Pushed into Milestone Xprotect. By that, the video can be analysed with our SAIMOS Video Analytics. For example, one of these analytics can be face- or number plate recognition – experience it live!

Firstly, an Android phone integrated into a torchlight with an integrated camera

Secondly, the integrated camera streams live and is ready for SAIMOS Video Analytics

Third, the live video stream is pushed into Milestone XProtect and SAIMOS triggers alarms as per the configurations









Download our brochures here or visit our Video Analytics page here.

Combination with the SAIMOS Control Center

In our showcase, we do demonstrate the power of our SAIMOS Guard Torch and Video Analytics for security companies. The efficiency of video technology and -analytics is put directly into your guard’s hand. The result is, that operators do also see what’s going on in the field. Further, as the video stream is recorded within Milestone XProtect, full documentation is created for your customers.

Certainly, the combination with our SAIMOS Control Center increases situational awareness as the locational information is displayed on a map. Operators do achieve a higher efficiency as routing functionality can be implemented as well. Consequently, the operational costs are dropping and the available resources can handle more work at a higher quality.


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