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SAIMOS® Control Center

SAIMOS® Control Center provides enhanced Situational Awareness by combining VMS, Video Analytics and Sensor Data with geospatial analytics within a GIS environment (outdoor & indoor).

SAIMOS® Control Center integrates Video Analytics, LiDAR, Radar and a GIS environment into Milestone XProtect to provide operators an enhanced Situational Awareness. The XProtect integrated map-centric display provides relevant Alarms and Events to operators. Functionalities like Perimeter Protection / Intrusion Detection / People Counting / Occupancy / Face Analytics / LPR are available within SAIMOS® for various usages. The goal is to optimise OPEX as well as the security of assets

  • The following functionalities are seamlessly integrated into Milestone XProtect®:
  • Real-Time object movement display on a map
  • Cross-Camera Object Tracking / PTZ camera control
  • Perimeter protection / Intrusion detection
  • Counting / Occupancy / Heatmapping / Statistics
  • Proximity Detection
  • Recording, review and analytics of historical data
  • Full-fledged GIS / Individual base maps
  • Live weather forecast data
  • GPS coordinates from vehicle tracking systems
  • GPS coordinates of guard positions
  • Arming and disarming alarm zones via map UI
  • Locate position of sensors, e.g. cameras, LiDAR and Radar devices, fire and smoke detectors, etc.
  • Automatic calculation of the routing based on isochrones
  • Possible integration into existing control center solutions

Key Features

  • Secure and protect restricted areas, rails, stations, assets, etc.
  • Alarms on non-authorized use of reserved lanes and illegal parking
  • People tracking from curb to gate
  • Monitor Emergency exits
  • Occupancy / Heatmap / Queue Management
  • People Counting / Frequency
  • Cross camera object tracking / PTZ-Camera control
  • Proximity detection / Density statistics

Please see further use-cases for Smart City / Safe City as outlined below

Critical Infrastructure
  • Visualize assets / construction areas on a map
  • Perimeter protection for assets / construction sites
  • Secure construction sites with temporary installation
  • Secure access to critical areas
  • Protect distribution networks / unmanned stations
  • Optimize emergency evacuation scenarios
  • Optimize people / vehicle flow

Please see further use-cases for Smart City / Safe City as outlined below

Smart Buildings
  • Perimeter protection of entries, greens, air-intakes, etc.
  • Secure isolated stair-cases from unwanted usage/intrusion
  • Control light or AC by occupancy to save energy
  • Identify blocked Emergency exits
  • Identify long term loitering or fast objects in certain areas
  • Optimize evacuation scenarios by having real-time occupancy per zone
  • Identify false direction violations
  • Integration with Digital Signage
  • Collect business Intelligence without PII
  • Optimize manpower due to automated alarm notifications
  • Increase operational quality due to minimum false alarm rates
  • Time saving event filtering during incident investigations

Please see further use-cases for Smart City / Safe City as outlined below

Smart City / Safe City
  • Monitor the city more efficiently with geographic situational awareness
  • Monitor traffic (humans / vehicles) for BI and optimization
  • Identify false direction violations / red light violations
  • Facilitate traffic light management
  • Speed detection
  • Monitor the length of vehicle queuing in front of a red light
  • Monitor the vicinity of people towards the road on a red light
  • Automatic route calculation and optimization for guard service
  • Route optimization for emergency / alarm-handling drives
  • Automatic display of nearest guard based on travel time
  • Assign & Command the selected guard to handle the alarm
  • Triggering of direct reactions (e.g. alarm voice message)
  • Reduction of personnel time and annual driven mileage
  • Significant cost savings and improved efficiency
  • Optimizes Enterprise Alarm Management Process
  • Support for better decision making and optimal reaction
  • Better coordination of security guards by using the SAIMOS®
  • Guard App
  • Automatic Reports generation utilizing collected metadata

Please see further use-cases for Smart City / Safe City as outlined below

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