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SAIMOS® WatchBox

The next generation Alarm System based on Video!

Alarmanlage der nächsten Generation

Our SAIMOS®WatchBox is your next generation alarm system. Observe and automatically, control the boundaries of your property by video cameras coming along with the SAIMOS® WatchBox.Featuring intelligent Video Analytics, human intruders are detected at an early stage allowing the SAIMOS® WatchBox to submit an alarm. In that respect, “early stage” means at your properties border, before an intruder reaches your building.

SAIMOS®WatchBox alarms can besent by e-mail, to our WatchBox App, to your Milestone Mobile Client or also to your existing alarm system. Further, our solution operates either complementary with an existing traditional alarm system or your independent video based alarm system.

Your SAIMOS® WatchBox can also immediately react on intrusion alarms by triggering voice messages via eventually installed loudspeakers. Burglars and other unwanted persons are scared away immediately!

Furthermore, potential alarms can be hooked up with a Security Operation Center, which can handle the alarms for you!

Protect your assets, your home and your family!

For your Premises and Domicile- The Alarm System based on Video Surveillance!

Für Ihr Einfamilienhaus - Die Alarm-Video-Anlage zur Bewachung!

The video-based alarm system included with the SAIMOS® WatchBox provides security for your domicile,weekend houses, farms, warehouses etc.

The rugged and mobile version of our SAIMOS® WatchBox is also used for the protection of construction sites, open air events and other temporary needed surveillance.

Traditional alarm systems do trigger false alerts due to several circumstances. With traditional alarm systems such false alarmscannot be evaluated remotely. WatchBox triggered alarms provide you a short video sequence for evaluation. Moreover, our intelligent analytics do trigger alerts on human intruders only but not on animals!

By that, our SAIMOS® WatchBox helps to avoid costly police- or guard interventions due to a clear situational awareness provided by video.

SAIMOS® WatchBox prevents costly police reports by reducing the false alarms of the conventional alarm systems and eradicating the animal triggered alarms.

You are Safer with our SAIMOS® WatchBox!

Haus Sicherheit per WatchBox Perimeter Überwachung.

Human intruders are detected by intelligent video analysis increasing the security level of your property and contributing to the active protection of your family, home and assets.

Animals and bad weather do not trigger an alarm!

How does virtual guarding work?

Virtual guarding by the SAIMOS® WatchBox intuitive because the machine is always on.

Virtuelle Bewachung auch mit der Smartphone App für Ihre WatchBox.

When an alarm is triggered, the alarm message including the video sequence is sent via the SAIMOS® WatchBox App or by e-mail to the owner and/or an emergency call centre.

This allows immediate response to the alarm and virtual guarding begins. The video sequence is used to decide on the level of emergency.

In case of Emergency, a loudspeaker announcement can be triggered remotely to deter burglars.

SAIMOS® Managed Security service, offers the ability to send alarms and associated videos to the alarm centre where the assigned personnel initiates appropriate actions.

The alarm centre is sent and the personnel on watch initiate appropriate reactions in the event of an emergency.

Is the installation of the video system expensive?Die WatchBox gibt es auch als mobile Alarm-Video-Anlage zur einfachsten Installation für um Beispiel Baustellen.

Experienced DIY enthusiasts can simply install the video system themselves and configure the WatchBox. Of course, our local sales partner is always at your disposal for professional installation. The supplied cameras are powered directly via the network cable utilising POE. Therefore, it is not necessary to lay additional power cables which makes the installation easy and cost-efficient.

Security Application examples

Premises / Domiciles Alarming by means of KI based video analytics at property entry, before a burglar reaches the object. Immediate response through voice messages and optionally through an alarm service.
Weekend Domiciles Check the surroundings at any time during your absence and receive verified alarms in the event of unauthorised access to your property.
Construction sites Protect your tools and machines as well as unauthorized access with video analytics on the fence and combine them with a security alert.
Storage areas Tools, copper and other valuable materials attract thieves – protect your assets with early warning.
Farms Receive alarms on access to your property and protect your buildings, machinery and animals. Drive out unwanted intruders with pre-defined loudspeaker announcements.
Open Air Events Protect your event area against unwanted intrusion. Send guards to the scene immediately. Optional live visitor & area counting helps to optimize staff deployment.

WatchBox Editions

Home All-in-One Computer, 4 Cameras, 1 Speaker, 1 PoE Switch, perimeter protection
SME Industrial grade Computer, 4 Cameras, 1 Speaker, 1 PoE Switch, perimeter protection, 2D counting & heatmapping
Pro Custom edition e.g. with thermal imaging cameras
Mobile Robust, weatherproof case with 4 OnBoard PoE connectors

Main features of the alarm / video system

Algorithms KI based algorithms are detecting intrusion into predefined virtual fences and dodifferentiate between humans and animals.
  • Automatic camera recognition
  • Unlimited number of individually configurable alarm zones in the pro version
  • Easy scene calibration via the live video view
  • Intelligent system for minimized false alarm rates
VMS integration
  • Milestone Express or higher
  • SeeTec Cayuga
  • Others
Video Streams
  • RTSP (H.264, MJPEG, MPEG4 | TCP / UDP)
  • Integrated event log with alarm image and alarm video
  • E-mail events with alarm image and alarm video
  • Triggered Events (TCP | HTTP | Third Party Systems)
Technical requirement
Minimum pixel density: 12 pixels / meter
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