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SAIMOS® C3 Core Object detects left or removed objects in indoor scenarios. Customized configuration of target object sizes and detection parameters allow optimal adoption to individual application scenarios. SAIMOS® C3 Core Object is used to analyze emergency exits, escape routes, service passages or server rooms. However, the surveillance of critical areas for example in shops, museums or airports are additional fields of application for C3 Core Object.

The system is fully integrated into Milestone XProtect® Essential+ or higher via Plug-In and can be configured directly within the Milestone XProtect® Management Client.

Use Cases

Critical Infrastructure Securing critical infrastructure against

  • Blocking of pathways
  • Blocking of entries or emergency exits
  • Loitering
  • Left/removed objects
Theft detection Secure your inventory

  • Detect removed objects on desks or in drawers

Key Features

Algorithms Detects left or removed objects
Variable object size
Configurable alert timeout
Optimized for indoor scenarios with stable light conditions
Configuration Easy scene calibration based on object sizes directly in the live video view

Optimized for 24/7 real-time operation

Milestone Integration Milestone XProtect® Essential+ or higher
Technical Requirements Minimal pixel density: 12 pixel / meter

Windows / Linux | RAM: min. 4 GB | HDD: min. 5 GB | CPU: Intel i5/AMD/ARMv8

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