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License Plate Recognition

SAIMOS® LPR is a flexible and scalable license plate recognition based on AI / Deep Learning for professional users in various industries. It’s running on CPU’S – no GPU required. Our LPR module is scalable – from freeflow traffic towards parking scenarios.

The following functionalities are available:

  • Automated License Plate Recognition (ANPR / LPR)
  • License plate Search & Reports (count, time, etc.)
  • Live- and Forensics mode
  • Blacklist/Whitelist
  • Alarm notifications via pop-up window
  • I/O connectivity toward barriers and other equipment

SAIMOS® LPR is characterized by stability, high quality of results, simple configuration, VMS integration (Milestone XProtect®, SiVMS) and excellent support.

Individually customized versions or extensions are possible.

Use cases

Car Parking
  • Automatically open the barrier on registered license plates
  • Automated ticketing and invoicing system
  • Could be combined with Face Recognition
Petrol Stations
  • Log vehicles retention time for business intelligence and performance evaluation
  • Get knowledge about your loyal returning customers
  • Reduce petrol theft
Hotel Parking
  • VIP recognition for improved customer experience
  • Support valet parking services
  • Comply with local regulations
Truck Loading Bays
  • Automatically open the barrier for registered license plates
  • Log vehicles retention time for business intelligence and performance evaluation
Smart City
  • Control traffic
  • Apply city taxes based on a pay-by-usage model
Safe City
  • Identify stolen vehicles / license plates (stationary or mobile)
  • Monitor Speed limits by section control
  • Border control / checkpoints

Key Features

World-wide coverage
  • Nearly world-wide license plate coverage
  • New license plates quickly to be trained
  • Car Parking
  • Free-flow traffic (urban & highway)
Black- & Whitelisting
  • Create Black- & Whitelists manually
  • Import & Export license plates into lists vis CSV files
Search & Reportings
  • Free search integrated
  • Comprehensive reporting capabilities
  • Can be integrated with I/O devices to control barriers
  • Can be combined with SAIMOS® Face Analytics
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