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SAIMOS® Count is based on reliable and robust object counting and contains extensive statistical analysis, visualization and reports. This powerful package offers easy to configure real-time analysis in a modern design. Sample use cases are counting, heat-mapping and occupancy monitoring considering multiple cameras.
The system is fully integrated into Milestone XProtect® Essential+ or higher via Plug-In and can be configured directly within the Milestone XProtect® Management Client.

Use Cases

Shop Optimization
  • Customer flow analysis: Where and when do how many people move?
  • Optimization of product assortments
  • The right number of employees at the right time
Center Management
  • Detailed analysis of visitor frequency
  • Quantification of the number of visitors in the shops
  • Frequency-dependent facility management
Event Management
  • VIP recognition for improved customer experience
  • Support valet parking services
  • Comply with local regulations
Truck Loading Bays
  • Analysis of the area capacity
  • Occupancy monitoring

Key Features

Algorithms & Functions Frequency analysis:

  • persons or objects entering or leaving an area
  • Each channel can contain any number of counting zones.
  • Full flexibility through elegant area system
  • Modern and flexible statistics with a wide range of filter options

Occupancy analysis:

  • Combines one or more counting areas into one occupancy monitor
  • Sends alerts for customizable occupancy scenarios
  • Provides occupancy statistics for analysis and planning


  • Shows which areas are more or less frequented
  • Adjustable visualization and different color schemes
  • Can be filtered by time range


  • Summary of all evaluation modules in a customizable overview
  • Automatically email reports to any number of recipients or automatically save them
    to a physical data source
Data Interfaces
  • RESTful
  • Modbus IP
Plugin Integration
  • Milestone XProtect® Essential+ or higher
  • Qognify VMS 7.2 or newer
Technical Requirements Minimal pixel density: 12 pixel / meter
Windows / Linux | RAM: min. 8 GB | HDD: min. 50 GB | CPU: Intel
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