AXONS SYSTEMS has become SAIMOS value-added distributor for France & Algeria

Vienna, Austria – November 30th, 2021 – SAIMOS by ONG-IT GmbH, the leading Europe based vendor of purely Intel CPU powered Video Analytics, LiDAR & GIS, which is seamlessly integrated into Milestone XProtect, is proud to announce its global partnership with AXONE SYSTEMS, a French leading distributor having a strong foothold in the LiDAR & video surveillance industry.

AXONE SYTEMS has signed a global distribution agreement for the SAIMOS Video Analytics and especially the SAIMOS LiDAR portfolio. In their role of being a SAIMOS value-added distributor, AXONE SYSTEMS is complementing its portfolio with the high-quality and cost-efficient SAIMOS Video Analytics & LiDAR suite to the benefit of its business partners to enable this with a full solution to their projects and helps them increase their quality of services.

“We do highly appreciate our new SAIMOS distribution with AXONE SYSTEMS”, said Karim Elhanafi, founder and CEO of SAIMOS. “AXONE SYSTEMS with its great reach in France and Algeria provides the highest level of quality and services to its customers, which makes them a perfect value-added distributor for SAIMOS Video Analytics. AXONE SYSTEMS with its great LiDAR expertise and its partners are the perfect fit for our high-quality, European made SAIMOS software suite. We’re happy to see very tight cooperation between our teams and already having projects implemented. The existing AXONE SYSTEMS portfolio is a perfect fit to the strong and innovative SAIMOS solutions portfolio, which is seamlessly integrated into Milestone XProtect and purely Intel CPU powered.”

Olivier Michiels, VP Sales EMEA of AXONE on the cooperation:

“Our team has investigated for several years into LiDAR technology by bringing this very specific technology into the security market. As Milestone partner, we were looking for a solution bringing the LiDAR software to the next level with an absolute need to connect to the VMS to bring a high-class integrated security solution to our customers. With SAIMOS we found much more than that as we are now able to add many new features to Milestone XProtect such as scrambling, counting, analytic, heatmap, LiDAR, etc. and dashboard management. Its seamless integration into Milestone XProtect makes the SAIMOS software suite a real value-add in our partner portfolio. Feedback from customers is really positive and we are eager to increase our partnership with SAIMOS”.


SAIMOS is the leading vendor of Intel CPU/VPU based Video Analytics seamlessly integrated into Milestone XProtect. We do provide enhanced Situational Awareness by combining Video Analytics with Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

SAIMOS was one of the first vendors integrating Intel’s OpenVINO into its commercial products to enhance its video analytics architecture and allow the optimized usage of CPU’s and VPU’s combined with traditional computer vision approaches.

Collected metadata from video analytics can be displayed on a GIS map for better situational awareness and include geo-spatial analytics for evaluation and planning purposes. Based on GIS, real-time data can be considered as well and put into relation with metadata from video analytics, which provides a new level of business intelligence. Location-based real-time data can be coming e.g. from LiDAR, radar, weather data (also forecasts), etc. This approach enables the combination and advantages of Milestone System’s VMS, Video Analytics as well as geo-spatial analytics for enhanced business processes. 

SAIMOS modules are scalable and easy to use, applicable in multiple industries, as Security, Critical Infrastructure (Oil & Gas, Power Plants, Distribution Lines, etc.), Transportation (Bus, Metro, Station, Platform, Airport), Retail, Banking, Campus (Educational Facilities, Municipalities), Smart Buildings, Smart / Safe City and many more.


AXONE Systems is an international company with headquarters in France specialized in providing high-class global integrated security solutions. Thanks to their high level of technical certification, our teams, composed mainly of engineers, support customers for all their security projects, including all range of services and support. Customer is at the heart of our business and we are dedicated to it.

At Axone Systems, we value long-term relationships with technological partners with which we can share values and vision. We provide leading technologies to our customers with partnerships with several world-class software and hardware companies, such as VMS editors, analytics and Artificial Intelligence developers, Access Control manufacturers, network and hardware manufacturers, LiDAR technology providers, etc.

Axone Systems team offer the best level of service and support to customers with a focus on vertical business markets such as Critical Infrastructure, Transportation, Smart and safe Cities, Homeland Security…

Last but not least, Axone Systems is providing a 3D Command & Control platform called OODA (Observe-Orient-Decide & Act) fully developed in France by its sister company Obvious Technologies with many worldwide major deployments of the solution for governmental, cities and big events projects. 

For media inquiries:

MICHIELS Olivier, Sales Director
Tel.: +33 6 71 83 47 11

Olga Tsonkova, Alliance Manager
Tel.: +43 1 997 13 69


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