SAIMOS® LiDAR Integration

Dear Partner,

Please allow us to update you about some of our major developments during the last year, having a focus on SAIMOS® LiDAR Integration.

We’ve integrated LiDAR into Milestone XProtect® via our SAIMOS Platform – SAIMOS® LiDAR Integration.

The Quanergy MQ-8 LiDAR is a multipurpose sensor, which can be used for the following (not limited to):

  • Perimeter Protection
  • Counting & Occupancy
  • Proximity detection

Meanwhile, our full-fledged GIS, the SAIMOS® Control Center is also seamlessly integrated into Milestone XProtect®.

In combination with real-time data from LiDAR the following functionalities are supported:

  • Object Tracking Cross Camera & PTZ-Camera Control
  • Real-time map display
  • Heat mapping & statistics

The combination of our SAIMOS® Control Center with LiDAR and Milestone XProtect® is perfect to support use-cases in the following industries (excerpt):

Security, Transportation, Retail, Museum, Airports, Smart/Safe Cities, Campuses, Industrial Areas, Ports, Mining, and many more.

Further, we’ve integrated additional 3D devices for our SAIMOS® Count 3D:

Last but not least, please note that we’re about to launch our new online Licensing Portal –

The new license portal will ease and optimise the license registration and issuance.

You can also register yourself directly with our Helpdesk here:

We hope to meet you somewhen in person again – until then, stay safe & healthy!

Your SAIMOS® Team


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