SAIMOS® Video Analytics in an Appliance as a Service with DS-Box

About this webinar

Join us for a webinar full of information how a fully seamlessly integrated video analytics solution can solve challenges in security, smart cities, retail and healthcare. During the webinar attendees will learn about how to complement Milestone with Video Analytics including the required computing hardware on a subscription basis.

With SAIMOS Video Analytics and DS box you have all the tool you need to create value on top of the XProtect VMS based on video driven data insights. Besides the seamless integration the DS-box offers new business opportunities making the solution scalable and affordable thanks to the OPEX model.


Use-cases for:

  • Security/Critical Infrastructure
  • Smart & Safe Cities
  • Retail
  • Healthcare

Benefits of the DS-Box approach

  • Full OPEX incl. the hardware
  • de-risking the hardware investment
  • Plug and play
  • Flexibility over time
  • Complementing XProtect (BYOL)

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